There is a huge team working with customers helping you choose your perfect bike. Give it a test, make sure you gear up, get must-haves and preferably nice-to-haves. Helmet, hydration, bell, spare tube and floor pump are necessary. Among nice-to-haves there are bike shorts, cycling shoes, clip-in pedals, cycling socks, bike gloves, sunglasses, lock, cycling computer and some more (the full list is at the bottom of the website). Don’t forget to adjust the bike to your body before you start riding. Everyone is unique and the way your bike is adjusted is responsible for your safety and comfort. When testing the bike, test several of them and remember that everyone has a different experience, so listen to your body and how it feels your new vehicle. What is so great about riding a bike is that you can do you it regardless of your age and professional skills. You may enjoy your ride in the park or conquer the most dangerous spots of the world with a bike, and in both cases it is your devoted friend, which lets you into the world of rapid eco-friendly freedom. Depending on the type of a bike that you need, there are dozens of them available to you. Use a bike finder to find your perfect bicycle. Filter down the bikes by type, size, sex of the future owner. Push your limits with us!

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